Board of Supervisors

City Council

The Los Banos City Council is made up of the Mayor and four Council seats. The Council Members serve four-year terms while the Mayor serves a two-year term.1

Doing Business


Whether you’re an established Los Banos business, looking to start a business, or want to move your business here, find out what we can do to make it easy for you to do business in Los Banos.

Local Government

Public Notices

Read the latest public notices released from the City of Los Banos regarding budgets, meetings and much more.

For Residents


Whether you are new to the City of Los Banos or you have been a long-time resident, we are pleased that you have chosen our community as a place to live, work, and grow.

Visiting Los Banos

Visiting Los Banos

Spend the night or spend the weekend.  Los Banos is a unique city, filled with warm, friendly people that will instantly make visitors feel welcome.