Business Licenses

Business License Program

Los Banos’ business community plays an essential role in the City’s thriving economy, and we know the success of your business is crucial to our success as a City. Whether you’re an established Los Banos business, looking to start a business, or want to move your business here, find out what we can do to make it easy for you to do business in Los Banos. Your many contributions — in the form of jobs, goods, services, and revenue — are critical to the City’s continued economic prosperity.

We in local government wish to extend to you services and support to help ensure the success of your business. We hope that both new businesses locating here, as well as expanding Los Banos businesses, will benefit from the information found here.

The Business License Program is administered by the Community and Economic Development Department. Click here to go to the Community and Economic Development Department’s webpage.

Business License Ordinance

The primary focus of the City’s Business License regulations is to provide reasonable assurance that businesses operating in the City are doing so in compliance with City, state, federal, or otherwise applicable codes, rules, regulations or laws as well as to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community. The Business License program is not designed to raise revenue, nor is it a substitute for land use regulations. For more information regarding the Business License program and Ordinance No. 1163, please refer to Chapter 1 of Title 11 of the Los Banos Municipal Code.

Determining if a Business License is Required

If you are planning to open a new business, relocate your business, operate a business from your home, or conduct any business operations within the City of Los Banos, you are required to obtain a Business License prior to commencing business operations.

Any person engaging in business within the city limits of Los Banos must obtain a Business License. This includes professions, trades, vocations, the rental or lease of multi-family residential with four or more units, establishments and occupations, or other activity for gain, profit, compensation, or livelihood, including but not limited to providing goods or services, whether or not the business has a fixed place of business in the City. If you are unsure if you need a Business License, contact staff at