The community of Los Banos recognizes that graffiti is an unwelcome and unsightly occurrence that contributes to the deterioration of our neighborhoods. Beyond criminal prosecution of offenders the City and its residents declare that combating graffiti is a priority for our community.

The City will coordinate our community’s effort to proactively remove and reduce the occurrence of graffiti throughout Los Banos. To accomplish this goal the City will work with volunteers to remove graffiti from privately owned property on a regular basis.


For several years the Los Banos Police Department has tracked the occurrence of graffiti throughout Los Banos. Using this data the City has identified its “Top 25” most active locations.

Volunteers will be assigned location(s) to monitor and when graffiti appears at their location the volunteers will take quick action to remove the graffiti. All necessary paint and paint supplies will be provided by the City’s Public Work’s Department.


To participate in the “Adopt A Wall” program interested individuals can complete the City’s registration and waiver form. Forms can be mailed or delivered to:

Los Banos Police Department
Attn: Patricia Vigil
945 5th Street
Los Banos CA 93635

Participants may call (209) 827-7070, ext. 2545 or email patricia.vigil@losbanos.org for more information.


The “Adopt A Wall” program augments the City’s current graffiti abatement efforts. When graffiti is reported it is documented and the abatement process begins. When graffiti occurs on City property, Public Works staff abates the problem quickly.

Private property abatement requires the Department to notify the responsible party to remove the graffiti within a 10-day period. If the 10-day period lapses without removal, the City is authorized by ordinance to clean up the graffiti without owner/tenant consent.

Included with the graffiti removal notices, the Police Department sends a “Graffiti Removal Approval” form. When signed and returned by the responsible party, they agree and consent to the City removing graffiti immediately, alleviating the need for the 10-day notice.

For further information regarding the graffiti abatement ordinance, see Section 4-8 of the Los Banos Municipal Code.


The City offers its residents several options to report graffiti:

  • From the Report Graffiti & Other Crimes residents can send an anonymous email to the Police Department.
  • We encourage residents to report graffiti, call (209) 827 2545 to leave a voicemail reporting the location and type of graffiti; anonymous messages are ok!!

In all cases please provide accurate information regarding the location and type of graffiti.


As graffiti clean up efforts are on-going, the City will accept donations in the form of painting equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Paint
  • Paint brushes and rollers
  • Light duty tarps
  • Paint trays

Donations can be dropped off at the City’s F Street Public Works Yard Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

NO USED PAINT OR PAINT SUPPLIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Earth tones or similar paint colors are appreciated.