The death of seven year old Megan Kanka at the hands of a convicted sex offender so enraged the country that Federal legislation was passed to allow for the release of sex offender information to the public.

California Penal Code Section 290.4a implements Megan’s Law in California. This law provides for the creation of a community notification procedure authorizing California law enforcement agencies to release information to the public regarding registered sex offenders. The information may include the identity and location of the offender. In addition, a CD-ROM containing information on California’s registered sex offenders was released by the Department of Justice and made available to the public at or thru many California law enforcement agencies.

The purpose of this legislation is to provide information to law enforcement, and to individuals, parents and children, as well as community organizations where children are supervised or women are cared for. It is hoped that, armed with knowledge of the description and whereabouts of sex offenders, community members will be in the best possible position to protect their children and themselves.

The Los Banos Police Department is referring all interested parties who would like to view the Megan’s Law CD-ROM to the Merced County Sheriff’s Department located at 445 I Street. You must be a qualified resident of the area which you are requesting information on, and it must be for the purpose of insuring public safety and protection.

The public is allowed to search the Megan’s Law CD-ROM database by name and/or by zip code. The public viewing portion of the CD-ROM contains limited information on each registered sex offender such as:

  • A photo of the sex offender
  • The sex offender’s name
  • A description of the sex offender
  • A list of crimes for which the sex offender is registered
  • Any other names associated to the sex offender.

The public portion of the CD-ROM does not allow viewing of the specific street or address associated to a sex offender, unless there is a specific threat that you can identify.

If you need information by phone, the California Department of Justice maintains a 900 number for use by the public to identify serious sex offenders. The number is 1-900-463-0400. There is a $10.00 fee for information on up to two individuals.