City Priorities

Dear Neighbor:

Our location, housing affordability, and small-town way of life places the City of Los Banos in one of the fastest growing areas in California –and the City’s core services must keep up with that growth. Combating gangs and drugs and maintaining our 911 police/fire response systems are critical to keeping residents safe and preserving your quality of life. As the City continues to work to maintain our fiscal stability, we invite you to share what is important to you. In a  survey conducted earlier this year, residents identified the following priorities:

  • Answering 911 calls and maintaining police/fire response times
  • Repairing local streets and roads
  • Maintaining clean drinking water
  • Preventing theft and auto-related crimes
  • Keeping taxpayer dollars local
  • Preventing residential property crimes, burglary or robbery
  • Maintaining or expanding anti-gang or youth violence prevention programs
  • Maintaining or expanding neighborhood police patrols


Measure H Information: Voter-information-Measure-H

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