Press Releases

September 30, 2020 - Using Measure V Regional Funding, Design on the Pacheco Boulevard Regional Path has started January 31, 2020 - Notice of Data Security Incident January 24, 2020 - Pacheco Boulevard and Pioneer Road Complete Streets Project...

Driving tips for power outages

Power outages can occur at anytime.  When a power outage takes place, several "blacked out" or inoperative intersections can occur. These blackouts or inoperative intersections are very dangerous due to the fact that not all people see the uncontrolled ...

Pioneer Road Complete Street Project

Pioneer Road Complete Streets                                                                                             Calles Completas de Pioneer Road PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Pioneer Road Complete Streets project will make important ro...


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Police Contacts

Anonymous Crime / Graffiti / Abandoned Vehicle Tip Line Phone: (209) 827-2545 *Leave a message 24 hours a day Chief Gary Brizzee Phone: (209) 827-2501 Commander Ray Reyna Phone: (209) 827-2502

2018 802 Forms

Administrative Coordinator

City of Los Banos Parcel Tax Report - Statistical Data - 2017
City Priorities

City Priorities

Dear Neighbor: Our location, housing affordability, and small-town way of life places the City of Los Banos in one of the fastest growing areas in California –and the City’s core services must keep up with that growth. Combating gangs and drugs and...

Community & Economic Development Director

Community Services Officer


Engineering Technician

Michael Villalta 2018 Ticket Distribution Report

Property Evidence Technician

Public Safety Custodian

Public Works Operations Manager

Temporary Outdoor Business Service Waiver

In an effort to support the success of local business establishments, the City of Los Banos has developed a process to allow for the temporary operation of outdoor business services in private and public areas and to otherwise waive regulations that...

Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit

In an effort to support the success of local eating establishments, the City of Los Banos has developed a process to allow for temporary outdoor dining in private parking lots and the use of City rights-of-way to expand restaurant seating capacity. Below...

Ticket Distribution Policy

Vacant Property Registration Form

Campaign Contribution Limits & Disclosure Filings

CAMPAIGN DISCLOSURE FILINGS The Political Reform Act of 1974 (Act) requires the filing of specified statements, reports and other documents by public officials, whether elected or appointed. Assembly Bill No. 2151 (Gallagher) approved by the Governor...


MAYORAL CANDIDATES Manuel Tom Faria Form 501 (8/6/20) Form 470 (7/1/20 - 9/19/20)   Paul Llanez     Form 501 (6/5/20)                                                                                ...