Public Works

The City of Los Banos Public Works Department is committed to serving the needs of residents by providing quality water and wastewater utility services. The Public Works Department main office is located under the City of Los Banos Water Tower at 411 Madison Avenue.

The Public Works Department reviews plans for residential and commercial developments. The department oversees and performs inspections on construction in existing and future public rights-of-way, and all public improvements. Public Works staff monitors the Water Conservation Program, and annually visits local elementary school classrooms to share information about water, and its value as one of our most precious natural resources.

The Public Works Department has completed Water, Sewer Collection, and Storm Drainage Master Plans. Through stringent water monitoring standards, and vigilant maintenance of our miles of utility service lines, the Public Works Department remains committed to the health and well being of the residents of the City of Los Banos. The department maintains the City’s storm drainage system. This system is designed to manage the runoff of rainwater, and minimize the impact of significant rainfall, which ultimately flows into local irrigation canals and neighboring wetlands.

Mindful of our responsibility as caretakers of the environment, the Public Works Department is committed to working with State and Federal Agency guidelines on water and storm drainage awareness issues in our community.